Last update: Apr 22, 2023.

It's nice to find new apps, tools, and gear other developers use, so here is my list. You can also check more “uses” pages on this website:
If you find a missing link or something wrong please let me know: @rbika.

Code Editor


  • iTerm2 - macOS Terminal replacement. Here is my zsh config
  • Dark+ - I made a port from VS Code Dark+ theme to iTerm2.

macOS apps

  • Raycast - Spotlight replacement.
  • Figma - When I need to do some simple edits.
  • Fork - Best Git client for macOS.
  • Google Chrome - My preferred browser.
  • Notion - Multi-platform note-taking app with markdown support.
  • Spotify - Music streaming.
  • Rectangle - macOS's window management is terrible.